NEW – How To Tap Into Live Phone Calls

Ever wanted to listen in to someone’s phone calls?  Today I’ll go over how it’s possible to tap into live phone calls because of a new development in cellphone surveillance technology.

If this isn’t your first time at our website, then you’ve already seen us talk about the cell monitoring program StealthGenie.  This program lets you monitor a phone and the activity from it.  You can see texts, mobile browsing records, instant chats etc.


And now because of a new feature release, you’re also able to tap into phone calls to listen to them live!

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A Powerful Way To Intercept Phone Calls

There are two new features to this program – call interception and environment listening.


The first feature is the one that lets you listen to live phone calls.  With it you’re able to hear all the phone conversations that take place on the phone.  Any phone call made to or from the phone, you can listen to.

I don’t have to tell you how much you could find out about someone with this.  It’s a GREAT surveillance tool.


It’s something that people will use for all sorts of reasons.  Maybe you’re worried that someone might be cheating on you.  Or maybe you’re a parent and you need to keep tabs on your kids.  I know many employers use it to monitor their employees.

Whatever the reason for using it, being able to tap into live phone calls is a handy way of finding out what someone is up to.


And the second feature is really just as useful.  The environment listening part of StealthGenie is a way to listen to the surroundings of the phone.  It lets you hear what’s going on by using the cell phone’s microphone to listen in.  

It’s almost like “bugging” someone since you can use it to listen to their conversations as long as their phone is near them.


And if you aren’t familiar with StealthGenie, I should mention that it’s a very user-friendly program.  You can have it installed and ready to use in minutes.  And since it’s an undetectable piece of software, the person who you are monitoring won’t know that it’s on their phone.


If you want to be able to tap into live phone calls, take a close look at this program to see if it’s right for you!


Check out the official website here