How To Hack Into Cell Phone Text Messages


I can only imagine that most people have wanted to hack into cell phone text messages at one point or another.  There’s a lot of situations where you can find yourself wanting to know what another person is texting (and of course WHO they are texting).

So today I want to look at how it’s possible to hack into texts in a way that the person who owns the phone won’t know that you can see them.  This makes it one of the most effective surveillance tools, afterall people use texting for so much nowadays.


So how do you see another person’s texts?  With a sneaky little tool that you can now use….

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Does this really hack into cell phone text messages?


Now I want to make one small clarification before I dive into how the software that I linked to above works.  Although I think many people would classify this program and what it does as “hacking” into texts, I personally prefer to look at it as a monitoring tool.

It lets you monitor a phone to see what someone is using it for.  This is a legitimate tool used by employers, parents, private investigators etc.  There’s a ton of uses for it.


Personally I don’t care what you call it :)  Bottom line is that it lets you see what another person is doing on their phone and this includes being able to see all of their texts.

Ths software itself (it’s called StealthGenie) you need to install on the phone.  This process is simple and won’t take you more than a few minutes.


After that you can see a ton of information from the phone.  You’ll see who the person has called or vice versa.  You’ll see details on any web browsing they’ve done on the phone.  You can see the location of the phone in real-time.  And of course you have the ability to hack into cell phone text messages and read all of them.


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This type of software has seen a durge in sales as cell phones continue to be used for more and more.  It’s one of the best ways to learn about someone elses life and discover what they’re up to.