How Can I Secretly Read Someone’s Text Messages?


Picture yourself being able to read someone’s text messages whenever you wanted – this would give you an inside peek into that person’s life.  With text messaging being so popular, many people rely on it as their main way of communicating.

So if you had the power to see not only who someone was texting, but also WHAT they were texting, you would know a lot about that person’s life! Most likely you’ve had a moment where you saw someone on their phone and wanted to know what they were typing.


So the question is, can you read someone’s text messages without them knowing?

Sure can, and it’s easier than you think…..


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So how can I read someone’s text messages?


The “secret” to being able to see someone’s texts is to use a cell monitoring program.

What the heck is that??!?!?


read someones textsSimply put, it’s a software that lets you keep track of everything that someone else does on their mobile.  It installs itself onto the phone and from that point forward you get to see anything the person does without them knowing.

This is some incredibly technology that at one point I would have only envisioned in movies!  However it’s now available to anyone that needs to monitor a mobile phone.


And besides letting you read someone’s text messages this software lets you see a lot more (it’s called Mobile Spy – check it out here)

You’ll be able to see:

  • Any and all texts from the phone
  • Details about any phone calls from the phone
  • Where the phone is (GPS tracking)
  • Pictures or videos that were taken using the phone
  • Mobile web browsing history


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A VERY usefool tool at times….

Obviously being able to read someone’s text messages puts you in a position to learn details about that person’s life and what they are doing.  This gives you a way to find out answers that you need in many situations.

I know of many parents who use it to monitor their children.  I’ve heard of people using to find out if someone was stealing from them or if someone was being unfaithful.


It can be used as a tool to uncover the truth in certain situations when you can’t live without it.  Being able to read someone’s text messages and see other activity from their phone puts you in that position.


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