Hack Into Cell Phone Calls (Seriously!)

hacking cell phone callsIf you’re curious about how to hack into cell phone calls and if it’s even possible, today we’ve got the inside scoop you need!

And hacking into cell phone calls (btw I hate the word hacking!) is VERY easy…..

There’s really nothing to it other than putting a special piece of software to use that will make it easy to monitor exactly what another person does on their cell phone.


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Hack into cell phone calls?  REALLY?

If you’re looking to be able to listen in to someone’s actual cell phone calls this software will give you this exact power!  This software (called StealthGenie) will let you hear all of the phone calls from someone’s phone.


And as you can imagine that gives you a lot of power!  It becomes easy to learn about exactly who that person is talking to and what is being said.  You get an inside look into their life!


Now up above I mentioned how I hate the word “hacking” – and I really do!

I know that might sound weird since this website has the word “hack” in it, but the more I’ve been involved in the cell surveillance industry the more I’ve started to stray away from that word.

And the reason why is quite simple – I think it has a negative connotation to it.  But the reality is that this software is an extremely useful tool that has helped a lot of people get answers that they desperately need.  That’s why I prefer using the word “monitoring”.


And this software is used for a lot more than just hacking into cell phone calls!  With it you can monitor just about everything that someone is doing on their phone. 


Just what can you see?


How about their text messages, their contact list, call history, web browsing history, photos taken……and……well just about anything else they do on their phone ;)


It’s a great program for anyone who needs to see what another person has going on in their lives.  It’s a surveillance tool that is available for anyone to use and delivers some impressive results!


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